30 Dec 2021 11:42 am

How to make a Booking at

The website is for SGI-UK Members to book and use rooms at the London Ikeda Peace Centre.

In order to book rooms you need a User account (ask your HQ Leader to contact LIPC on your behalf to create an account).

User accounts require you to choose a User Name and give your email address. This is so we can contact you in relation to your room-booking.

We will not give your email address or other details to anyone else.
We will not send you any marketing material.
You can have your User details removed or edited at any time by contacting

Please contact us at the above email for any further information.

You can only book a room up to 6 months in advance


1. Authorised users will see the menu item "Room-Booking Request" on the left side menu, click it !

2. You need to fill-in this Room-Booking Request form - the first few fields are self explanatory (eg. The "Activity" field asks you to write the name of the SGI-UK Activity; Camden Chapter Study or East Ham WD Planning meeting or whatever).

3. The "Event has time" field asks you to choose the start time of your Activity - enter the day, month year and time. Usually activities end at 20:45 hours to give you time to finish before the centre closes at 21:00 hours. If your activity ends at a different time, please select the check-box "Event has end date" and enter the end date and time.

4. The "room " field asks you to select which room you want to book (click the the relevant button).

5. "how many people (approx)?" asks how many people you expect to attend your activity (important because of room capacities and fire regulations).

6. The "leader" field asks for the name of the SGI-UK leader responsible for this activity, please include their phone number as a fall-back in case we cannot get in touch with you in case of problems.


e.g. Video screening, A/V room link up, sound engineer for concert, multiple entertainments, guest speakers etc
Please email the Technical Team ten days before your meeting - 

                        IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO HAVE REFRESHMENTS          
please text (SMS) to: Ingrid Mansfield-Allman ten days before your meeting - tel: 07792674376

8."Save" your request. This will automatically send your request to the Booking team. We will contact you if there is  a problem (eg. the room you requested is already booked).




- Covid19 / Coronavirus -  

for centre reopening enquiries please contact your Area leaders 

Thank you for your understanding